We pride ourselves on being different from other agents. We offer something that is seldomly found in our industry. We offer to our home sellers a "Property Video Tour" of their home. The reason we stand out from our competitors is because the tours we offer are actual video NOT pictures that have been turned into a slide show. With our video tours you will see that home is showcased showing aspects of the home that could not been shown with pictures alone. Yes there are companies that offer this video service.......however most of these companies are more interested in showcasing their company so that they can get more business from agents to do more videos. Here is what sets us apart from other video companies:




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Say No To The Traditional OPEN HOUSE!


  1. Search engine optimize - Once your video is uploaded, it will be optimized with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other place on the net. This means that the traditional open house is no longer necessary since now those nosy neighbhours dont have to come into your home to see what your home looks like and get decorating ideas. Over 98.6 percent of home buyers search the internet to find a home. This will get more home buyers looking at your home.
  2. Keyword optimization - When people search for an area on the internet they are search "keywords" for a particular area. For example. Lets say I want to live in Markham. That means "Markham" is a keyword. Now lets say I want to live in "Markham" but I also want a "detached" home in "Unionville". That means that "Markahm", "Deatched" and "Unionville" are all keywords that a prospective buyer is looking for. With our videos we research the area for the most likely kewords so that when people search the internet YOUR home is found FIRST!
  3. Social Media Distribution - Social media CANNOT be ignored. The fact is most homebuyers are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media tools to gather information when purcashing a home. They are influenced but what their peers recommend, "like", and share. As soon as your property video tour is uploaded it is auto-magically distributed to the most popular social media outlets. This will increase awareness or your property and allow anyone to Email, Share, Like it. No traditional open house has this power. The best part its working 24/hr 7 days a week.


If your considering selling your home. Video should be a part of the arsenal of tools to showcase your home and get potential buyers interested in seeing your home and getting maximum dollar. Feel free to contact us so we can speak to you in more detail of what we do and how we do it. Don't take our word for it. View our testimonials from our sellers to see what they are saying about our video tours.


We only collect personal information necessary to effectively market and sell the property of sellers, to assess, locate and qualify properties for buyers and to otherwise provide professional services to clients and customers.  I/We do not sell, trade, transfer, rent or exchange your personal information with anyone.

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